Ergonomic Citrus Sprayer Set
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Ergonomic Citrus Sprayer Set

Easily add flavor to Your favorite dish!

Ergonomic Citrus Sprayer Set includes a large sprayer, a small sprayer, and a base.

The larger Citrus Sprayer is very suitable for screwing into fruits, such as lemons, oranges, grapefruits, pomelo, etc.

The smaller one Citrus Sprayer suitable for fruits such as limes, tangerines, etc.


This Ergonomic Kitchen Gadget gets every last drop of juice out of citruses without having to squeeze them. Thanks to screw-like design it can be easily inserted and secured inside the fruit. The juice fills the filter through the holes in the sprayer, convenient silicone ring prevents the juice from coming out. 

Easily add your favorite citrus flavor to marinades, cooked meat and the dish you love!


Dress your recipes or aromatize your soft drinks and cocktails in the freshest way!

Once many fruits are cut, especially in the hot season, it is difficult to keep them because they will lose juice and dries out very quickly even when they are refrigerated. The Ergonomic Citrus Sprayer also can be used as a sealing machine. Preserve your fruit juice for later use by putting it in the fridge with the sprayer on.


Color: green, blue, pink

Size: 10*5.5cm/3.94*2.17"

Material: Eco-Friendly ABS Plastic and Silicone


Only 3 super easy steps and that is it!

  • Cut off the top of the fruit
  • Twist the sprayer into the fruit
  • Press the button on the top to spray juice evenly on the food you like

Avoid harming hands and fingers! 

* Advise: to get more juice from the fruit, just a bit roll it before You twist the sprayer into


Dishwasher safe. Just put the disassembled gadget to the dishwasher. Thanks to the detachable design, it is easy to clean it thoroughly. The gadget is made of Eco-Friendly BPA Free ABS plastic and silicone, which stands up to 158F and 425F respectively.

Note: It is important to clean the gadget to remove all pulp from both the filter and sprayer as this could impair the proper functioning of the Ergonomic Citrus Sprayer.

UPDATE: Due to high demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!